Fixing the infrastructure of our schools and keeping them maintained:

  1. I have noticed that there is abundant mold and algae by student entrances at Faywood school, for example.  In addition, the school is in dire need of maintenance, including repainting, trimming hedges, doors need to be replaced.  These issues need to be addressed now, as the problem wont just “go away”.  Our children’s health and safety is at stake.  There is no excuse for any school in the TDSB to be in such  a state.  The TDSB has a budget of about 2.6 billion dollars.  I think they can find a few dollars to rectify the defects and problems.  Perhaps if the current trustees had taken a few less paid for conferences, or hotel stays, and instead spent the money on  some seriously  needed renovation and improvements  on the schools where our children spend about 6 hours per day this would have been a far better use of available funds.
  1. If necessary, we can arrange a community event or blitz where parents and community members,  fix up our our schools, ie, to paint, repair, pick up trash, cut the grass, etc.  This is a  simple, fast and effective way to solve some visible problems.   I believe that a run down school is not conducive to children learning at their potential.

Working on school curriculuums so that schools throughout the Ward have levels of achievement that are comparable.

  1. I am prepared to work with parents, and teachers and other staff to work on a school by school basis to help ensure that the level and quality of the education and standards at the various schools throughout the Ward are comparable.  I understand that there are cultural parameters, and demographics that need to be addressed, and I am prepared to work together to raise the levels of those schools where this needs to be done.  In addition, I want to ensure that all schools maintain high levels of achievement, and opportunity.   It is also important to instil in parents the need for their children to want to do well in school.
  2. I want to ensure that all students have a firm handle on the  three “R”s, of reading, writing, and arithmetic

Protect students/parents not the union/board

  • will donate to children’s charities half of his $25,000 salary if elected

  • promises to be there for you and answer your calls in a timely manner

  • will have regular scheduled meetings with parents to review issues of concern and advise of developments

  • will work diligently to eliminate the massive financial abuse, overspending  and waste of taxpayers that is currently going on

  • always accessible

  • the “best interests of the children” is my focus, (not the trustees, teachers, unions,  or school board)

  • ensure that children and students at different schools in the Ward have the potential and opportunity to attain high levels of achievement

  • concerned about poor quality foods being offered to children

  • concerned about children who need to be fed meals, no child should ever attend school hungry

  • will work with parents, and communities to ensure the cultural and specific needs of each community are being addressed

  • “a trustee you can trust”, and count on

  • As a society our children are our most valuable resource.  Lets no settle for second best

I promise to do the job, be there for you, and report to you

You can count on me