My PLedge

“I pledge to increase accountability at the board, to improve the financial analysis of repairs and maintenance, and ensure precious resources are spent to better the education of our children”


“I also pledge to set up meetings and report on the Board’s activities, not less than every two months to parents in Ward 5 , and discuss issues with them that are of importance to the parents, and community.”


“I pledge to be accessible,  available and accountable to the parents and community “


“I pledge to listen to parents and students concerns and address these issues in a timely manner”


“I pledge to ensure that available funds are spent where they are most needed and of greatest importance to the best interests of the students and not just foolishly spent on personal activities disguised as educational or board purposes .  I don’t see a real need to attend out of town conferences, etc.   I can use the internet, or telephone and other inexpensive and available technologies.”

“I pledge to make regular visits to schools in my Ward to see first-hand any issues that arise, and have them dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.”

“I pledge to ensure that schools provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children, our most valuable resource, as a society”