My PLedge

“I pledge to increase accountability at the board, to improve the financial analysis of repairs and maintenance, and ensure precious resources are spent to better the education of our children”


“I also pledge to set up meetings and report on the Board’s activities, not less than every two months to parents in Ward 5 , and discuss issues with them that are of importance to the parents, and community.”


“I pledge to be accessible,  available and accountable to the parents and community “


“I pledge to listen to parents and students concerns and address these issues in a timely manner”


“I pledge to ensure that available funds are spent where they are most needed and of greatest importance to the best interests of the students and not just foolishly spent on personal activities disguised as educational or board purposes .  I don’t see a real need to attend out of town conferences, etc.   I can use the internet, or telephone and other inexpensive and available technologies.”

“I pledge to make regular visits to schools in my Ward to see first-hand any issues that arise, and have them dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.”

“I pledge to ensure that schools provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children, our most valuable resource, as a society”

Information from Wikipedia as to abuses at TDSB


Blackstone Partners carried out a review in 2006.[21] They submitted a 113-page report in January 2007.[21] Blackstone Partners were “asked to determine if the facilities division had “effective governance.”[21] The report showed “high costs of repairs, lots of workers and spotty results, and managerial “silos” that made it hard for principals to figure out whom to approach to get a job done.[21] Blackstone Partners gave 43 recommendations in the report.[21] The school board claims a few have been carried out and others are in the works.[21] When surveyed about a wide range of topics, the worst result was the school board’s maintenance and construction division.[21] Eighty percent of principals didn’t believe the maintenance and construction division delivered good value for the money[21] TDSB director Chris Spence “To use a football analogy, we are trying to move the yardstick. There is no quick fix.[21] The Toronto Star reported that in recent investigation showed little has changed since that review.[21] A high school principal “raised questions about the $143 cost of installing a pencil sharpener and the $19,000 cost of installing a sign on the school’s front lawn.[22]

Installed product/Service Cost Ref.
To attach a pencil sharpener with four screws $143 [23]
sign on a school’s front lawn $19,000 [23]
Electrical outlet on the wall in a school library $3,000 [23]
Breakfast club” kitchen $250,000 [23]
Basketball bolt installation $1,492.13 [24]
Repairing drinking fountains $2,703 [24]
Replacing a Green Bin $664 [24]
Hanging a picture in the office $700 [24]
Toilet seats $27 (to purchase)
$500 (to install)

In 2007, again due to alleged mismanagement by the trustees, the board will try to submit a budget with a deficit of $84 million.

The school board wants $3.6 million from the Toronto Star before it releases a database.[25] The database shows “work orders showing what taxpayers have been charged for maintenance and construction projects at local schools.[25] In June 2012, the Toronto Star asked for “an electronic copy showing three years of work at the TDSB.[25] The Toronto Star stated that “the request was made under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.[25]

The Ontario Ministry of Education Froze funding for the school board’s buildings project.[26] The ministry cited the possibility of a $10 million to $11 million cost overrun for the retrofit of Nelson Mandela Park Public School.[26] The project was originally priced at $21.7 million.[26] Some of the school board’s trustees are “outraged“. Laurel Broten, Ontario’s Minster of Education, stated, “We are not happy they don’t know why” when talking about the overrun.[26] She also stated that a supervisor may be sent in.[26]

The Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council gets 0.5% on all outside contracts even though it does not perform the work.[27] Several contractors have stated that “contractors sometimes inflate their price for school board work to pay Hazel’s group.[27]Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council are unable to do all the maintenance and construction work.[27] TDSB spokesperson Shari Schwartz-Maltz said “the dues are considered a “temporary union membership.” The TDSB does not charge the trades council rent for its offices on school board property.[27] The school board’s trustees want to stop paying the fee.[28]

Employees of the school board visited bars, bought groceries and filled the gas tanks of their cars using “public money” and while on the job.[29]

If I am elected TDSB Trustee for Ward 5 , I promise to do my best to make sure that the above -noted type of abuses never happen again.   It is your hard-earned money that these people have been spending so loosely and greedily.

Recent Media Articles

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Toronto trustees and senior staff interfered and tampered with documents related to trustee expenses requested by the Toronto Star, say emails sent by the board’s own freedom of information officer.

I will be transparent, and report directly to parents throughout the Ward with regular bimonthly meetings.  My purpose if to ensure our children have a safe environment, and have the tools and facilities at their disposal to obtain and achieve, be the best they  can be.


Faywood Arts Based School in Dire Need of Remedial Work

This is a commonly used entrance at Faywood Arts Based School.  This entrance area is clearly in dire need of remedial work.  Being exposed to this mold and algae for 6 hours a day, cannot be healthy for our children.

The problem needs to be fixed now.  Why has it taken so long to deal with it.  You can’t miss it.

This is just another example of obvious repairs being  caught up in bureaucracy and red tape.  There are plenty of excuses I am sure for the repairs not having been done, but none are acceptable.

If you vote for me things like this will be dealt with before they become problems.  I will go and make periodic checks at all the schools in Ward 5 to make sure they are properly maintained and report to the parents my findings.